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Studio “Arteka” – via Privata Parenzo, 2/1 – Milano

Due sale di 100 e 110 mq senza le colonne,  con relativi spogliatoi

Programma Master Class : in fase di aggiornamento

Master class con Andrea Truzzi – Contemporaneo Junior e Avanzato

Choreographic Workshop
The choreographic workshop is the result of years of work as a dancer that he has made with international choreographers, through which he developed his own body language. Drawing on concepts from release technique, gyrokinesis principles, isolations, suspensions, body manipulation, flowing movement, this class will explore specificity to increase the consciousness of the body in space. Accessing weight, concepts such as momentum, duration, speed, will be investigated. Choreographic forms will be used as points of departure to investigate different principles of movement. Particular attention will be given to the expression of the body’s physicality through gestures and to the musicality.
(The workshop will be led in english, with italian translation when necessary.)
Il laboratorio coreografico è il risultato di anni di lavoro come danzatore che ha realizzato con coreografi internazionali, attraverso i quali ha sviluppato il proprio linguaggio del corpo. Attingendo ai concetti della tecnica di release, dei principi della gyrokinesis, delle isolazioni, delle sospensioni, della manipolazione del corpo, del movimento fluido, questa classe esplorerà la specificità per aumentare la coscienza del corpo nello spazio. Valutando i pesi del corpo, verranno indagati concetti come il momentum, durata, velocità. Le forme coreografiche saranno utilizzate come punti di partenza per indagare i diversi principi del movimento. Particolare attenzione sarà data all’espressione della fisicità del corpo attraverso i gesti e alla musicalità.
(Il workshop sarà condotto in lingua inglese, con traduzione italiana quando necessaria.)


Masterclass with Barbara Melica – Modern Junior

Masterclass with Jelena Troll – Acrobatic transitions in modern dance

Acrobatics became an inevitable part of modern dance. Cartwheels, walkovers, balances, aerials – dance is so athletic as it has never been before. Unfortunately dancers and choreographers can not always find the right way to put acrobatic elements into their choreographies. The reason is the wrong technique and poor connections. The goal of my masterclass is to improve the technique of basic acrobatic elements and to find the perfect transitions into the steps.
What will we do:
30 Min – Warm Up, Stretch & Conditioning
30 Min  – Acro basics corrections (cartwheel, handstand, bridge, walkover) in different levels
30 Min – Acro transitions in small combinations across the floor
Recommendations: this masterclass is perfect for everyone who loves acrobatics and has at least basic skills such as bridge, handstand and cartwheel. It is also good for advanced acro dancers, for we can use advances progressions instead of basics.
Looking forward to see you in my class!


Time: 16.00 – 17.30 Sala 1

Master class with Ada Raspor – Ballet Class Junior e Avanzato

12.00-13.30 – Ballet Class Senior – Sala 1

14.30 – 16.00 – Ballet class Junior – Sala 1




Master class with Gusel Usmanova Gobet – Folk Dance junior e Insegnanti

Bashkir and Tatar folk dance – Differences and choreographic elements

17.00 – 18.30 Sala 2








1 lesson = 25 € / person
2 lessons = 20 € / person
opencard = 80 € / person
For those registered in the competition, a 20% discount is applied

1 cours = 25 € / personne
2 cours = 20 € / personne
opencard = 80 € / personne
Pour les inscrits au concours, une remise de 20% est appliquée

Ada Raspor – Serbia – Ballet/ Contemporary

Ada was born in Belgrade, Serbia, where she graduated from the choreographic lyceum. Immediately after graduation, he receives a contract in Cairo, then in New York, then in St. Petersburg. After graduation, he works at the main theater of Serbia, where he performs leading and main roles from the classical, neoclassical and modern repertoire. She also constantly works as a guest artist at the Moscow and St. Petersburg theaters and travels around the world with them. Has a diploma of a teacher-tutor


Jelena Troll – GermanyModern / Contemporary dance

She grew up in Estonia training in Jazz Dance and Contemporary and got her professional education in Germany. She extended her experience as a dancer and dance teacher in Czech Republic, USA, Australia and Russia

Dance Teacher, Choreographer, Musical Performer / Owner of “Move it! Dance Academy” /Owner of “Move it! Dance Camps” / Owner of “Move it! Dance Birthdays”. Certified Acro Dance Teacher (Beginner-Advanced Levels)


1) One week of study in a studio “Move it! Dance Academy” with accommodation and meals (time by agreement)

2) One week of participation in a dance camp “Move it! Dance Camps” with accommodation and meals – summer 2022

Alessandro Bonavita – Italy/Serbia/Russia – Ballet

Born in Milan, studied in Ukranian Ballet Accademy, La Scala Ballet School and with Sabrina Bosco, maitre de balet. Soloist with Serbian National Theatre, guest for State Opera Varna (Bulgaria) and dancer for Saint Petersbourg Classical Ballet of Andrei Batalov. Guest for international Ballet Gala in Italy and in Europe.

Prizes: Choreographic creation of solo or duet for the winner

Gusel Usmanova Gobet – Russia/Swiss – Folk Dance

Teacher, choreographer and artistic manager (30 years of experience). Guzel is a graduate of the Kazan Academy of Culture and Arts (Russia) (dancer and choreographer). She has worked in the roles of soloist with the Bashkir State Philharmonic Society (Russia) and as a choreographer of the Ufa Drama Theater (Russia). She lives in Geneva, director and choreographer of the renowned dance school “Guzel“. She is the organizer of the International Dance Festival Competition in Geneva “Golden Bee”.


Barbara Melica – Italy – Modern dance

Teacher of IDA Training Courses / CNA teacher (National Committee of Figure Skating Athletes) / Choreographer and Art Dir of ECARTE’Dance company /Coach protagonist on TV7 GOLD in the talent THE COACH

Prizes: Premi da parte di Barbara Melica:
Una BdS al 100% di “Vivo di danza”
Due BdS al 50% di Vivo di Danza”
Una BdS al 50% al VDA
Una BdS per nr. 2 lezioni allo stage di VDA




Andrea Truzzi – Italy/Germany – Contemporary dance

“Since November 2014 he has been working at Saint Petersburg Classical Ballet under the direction of Andrey Batalov where she dances in the Nutcracker shows, Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake. From May

2015 to August 2015 she works at the National Opera of Bordeaux (France) under the direction of Charles Jude in the production of Swan Lake (cor. By Charles Jude). From August 2015 to August 2016 she works at the Ballet Company of Siena (Italy) under the direction of Marco Batti;

from September 2016 until August 2018 she works at Teatr Wielki in Poznan (Poland), under the direction of Tomasz Kajdański

From August 2018 to July 2020 she works at the Theater Vorpommern (Germany), under her the directed by Ralf Dörnen.

In 2020 she choreographer “Empty states” for the evening of young choreographers with some dancers of the Theater Vorpommern.

Currently freelance dancer and modern dance teacher and Gyrokinesis instructor.


Marina Weber – Austria – Folk Dance

“Director, choreographer and teacher of the dance school “Marina Danse” in Austria, Vienna  / Professional background  / Graduate of the choreography department of the GITIS Institute, Moscow  / Dancer of the Tatiana Guermanova Folk Dance Ensemble, Paris /  Teacher of character dance in Paris, Chicago, Turin, Vienna  / Choreographer for several gymnasts of the Austrian national rhythmic gymnastics team / Choreographer for several Viennese balls / Character dance teacher at the Dance Art Institute, Vienna






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